Dom sub training BDSM ecourse online

Introducing a New eCourse for Kinksters: Dom Sub Training

Dom sub training BDSM ecourse online

If you subscribe to Dom Sub Living elsewhere, then you may have already heard about “Dom Sub Training”.  Either way, I wanted to formally introduce it to everyone here on the blog. I’m really excited about this!

Back when I was trying to decide what kind of eCourse to create, I sent out a survey to my email subscribers, asking them what they were having trouble with. More than anything, it seemed like my readers were struggling with wanting a mentor and coach they could trust, and finding a long-term partner they connected with. Meanwhile, my Dom and I were having an amazing relationship that kept getting better and better…and it was all thanks to BDSM.

So, when it came time to decide what kind of eCourse I’d create, I knew that a course about maximizing the power of BDSM is just what my readers needed.

But this isn’t just a course about BDSM. This step-by-step training is about how to start living the 24/7 lifestyle you always wanted RIGHT NOW.

I’ve figured out how to use BDSM to get more fulfillment in my life without all the drama. Actually, using the strategies that I’ve put into this course, my Dom and I are able to stop wasting time struggling with the challenges of a 24/7 relationship. Instead, we enjoy effortless communication and a mind-blowing sex life.

“Dom Sub Training” isn’t just about having a lot of kinky sex though.  It’s about getting all the information you need to become a satisfied BDSM expert, and having a detailed plan to make it all happen.

You can check out everything that’s in the course (including all of the bonuses!) right here.

18 thoughts on “Introducing a New eCourse for Kinksters: Dom Sub Training”

  1. Absolutely love this course, just finished and excited about the end results! I have currently been meeting a few new prospective Doms using your tips from the training. Working on my issues and reading your blog posts has given me so much inspiration and confidence that I can totally do this.

  2. New as BDSM thanks for this great site help me
    a lot. My Dom said he is experimented Im still in doubt after read here. I never receive my aftercare. no matter if I do well or not.But for sure I receive a lot of pain in the process. cont process of learning

    1. So sorry to hear what you’re going through! Aftercare is a must, especially if it is something you need personally. There are lots of other great Doms out there. Don’t give your submission unless it is earned!

  3. I hope this becomes available again soon! I’m really interested in the material. As a Dom I get a little lazy and let inertia guide me, but I realize this is a mistake. A training regimen and a community would be very valuable.

    1. Thank you for your interest in the course! I’m trying to keep it exclusive, but I’ve had a lot of demand for it, so I might open it again soon. The best way to get updates for the training is through my newsletter: Click here to sign up.

      Being a Dom is a lot of work so don’t get discouraged. Just remember that your sub is a reflection of you, and you’ll get what you put into it. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. My partner and I are looking to explore this lifestyle. We are a gay couple and I have always had a more sheltered life. He has been more promiscuous in his past relationship of 23 years until his partner passed away. Since I have not shared by partner and been very Vanilla, I have expressed wanting to enter into BDSM lifestyle as we get married next month. I want to learn to give up control and allow someone to control me and he wants me to experience sex freely if he chooses to have others have sex with me. (A fantasy of mine being told to allow others to use me.) I always worry what others may say or if friends find out. Have you found that if a couple starts the process they may not like or feel it is what they thought it would be they go back to Vanilla?

    1. Congrats on getting married, Edwin!

      I know it can be scary if friends or others find out. That’s why in Lesson 6 of the course I share in detail how to deal with others successfully.

      And you can always go back to vanilla if you feel like the lifestyle isn’t for you. But as an instructor, I usually see students feeling like they could never go back, and they learn to make it work for them. Each Dom/sub relationship is different and unique.

      Take care!

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