Submissive’s Journal: The Ultimate Guide to Submissive Journal Prompts & Ideas

In beginning my BDSM journey as a sub, I thought keeping a submissive’s journal was very vanilla.  “Shouldn’t I just tell my Dom my feelings and ideas?” I didn’t think a submissive journal would be useful, but my Dominant wanted me to, so I obeyed.  Here’s what I’ve learned, plus some submissive journal prompts and examples to help you start. 

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Submissive’s Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas

Why is a submissive’s journal so important?

A submissive’s journal is a safe place to write down whatever they want.  In a life full of control and submission, it can be their only outlet to vent their feelings freely.  Submissive journaling can be very therapeutic.

It also gives the Dom a glimpse into their sub’s mind so he can better understand her.  In order for this all to happen, though, a sub should always feel safe to write anything in their submissive diary without fear of being punished.

If a sub is constantly asked, “Why did you write that?” they’ll slowly stop writing for themselves and more for pleasing their Master.  My submissive diary has a list of rules at the beginning of it.  Here is a sample of it you can use as a template:

“Only the submissive can write here, unless she gives approval for the Dominant to respond in it.  All other responses of the Dom will be by email, text, or handwritten notes only.  The sub will not have to answer for anything she writes here, or be held accountable. The Dom can indirectly discuss any concerns he has but without referencing her journal.”

Submissive journal rules and expectations can also be explained in a BDSM contract as well. 

Submissive journal ideas to get you started

The most traditional type of a submissive’s journal is a notebook, maybe kept in a sub’s nightstand, where the Dom has access to it.  With technology now, though, there are a lot better alternatives.  I feel the best submissive’s journal is a digital document that both parties can share.

I keep a note on my iPhone entitled “Submissive’s Journal” that I have shared with my Dom.  The advantage of this is that he gets a notification on his phone as soon as I write a new entry.  That way, I don’t have to wonder if he’s seen that I wrote something, and he doesn’t have to keep checking it.  Examples also include a Word or Pages template too.

If you are afraid someone else will accidentally read it, you could also protect it with a password.  Journals can also be done online or even as part of a blog by using simple platforms like WordPress or even Google Docs.

Examples of submissive journal prompts to use as a template

Now that you know why to write and how to write, it’s time to figure out what to write in a submissive’s journal. Basically, a submissive can write anything they want as a reflection of what’s going on in their mind. If nothing is coming to them or they just need some fresh inspiration, here are some submissive journal ideas and examples of prompts to get you started:

  • What you like most about being a sub/slave/little
  • The biggest challenges to being a sub/slave/little
  • Positive things that happened during the day
  • Your favorite sexual things or new things you want to try
  • If you could change one thing about your current relationship, what would it be?
  • Read a post on and journal your thoughts about it
  • Your goals as a sub/slave/little
  • What you would tell your past-BDSM self

Of course, one of the best ways to get ideas for submissive journaling prompts is for a sub to ask their Dom. I’m sure they would love to know their sub’s thoughts on many different subjects.

How often should a submissive journal?

A submissive doesn’t have to journal every day (unless their Dom tells them to), but they should, at the very least, journal once a week. Submissive journaling often can allow a sub to release their frustrations through writing, and it can keep them from acting out or behaving bratty.  It can catch and fix problems early.

A sub shouldn’t only journal when they are upset and need to vent though. It’s also good for them to record positive things, so both the sub and the Dom can look back on their relationship with confidence.

A word for the Dom:

It is extremely important that your sub should always feel comfortable writing in their submissive’s journal. It may be their only safe place they are allowed to vent, “cry”, or “scream”. If your sub senses that you are judging them because of what they write, they may begin to censor their entries. Even if your sub writes, “I hate my Dom,” resist the urge to ask why they wrote it.

Remember, children and teenagers will often journal rebelliously, so your little is just expressing normal behaviors. Instead of confronting your sub, ask them later how they are feeling and if there is anything they think needs improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Submissive Journaling

How can submissive journaling strengthen the bond between a Dom and a sub?

Journaling provides a unique opportunity for emotional intimacy and communication. By reading their sub’s journal, Doms gain valuable insights into their sub’s mindset, needs, and desires. This deeper understanding fosters trust and allows the Dom to tailor their approach, leading to a stronger bond within the BDSM relationship.

Can a submissive’s journal be part of a BDSM contract?

Yes, including guidelines for submissive journaling in a BDSM contract is a common practice. It ensures that both parties understand the expectations and boundaries surrounding journaling, fostering an open and honest exchange of thoughts and feelings.

How can a submissive overcome any fear of submissive journaling?

To overcome fear or hesitation around journaling, a submissive should focus on creating a safe and non-judgmental space for themselves. Remember that the submissive’s journal is for personal growth and understanding, and the Dom’s role is to provide support and encouragement. Writing regularly and seeing the benefits of journaling can also help submissives overcome initial apprehensions.

The Power of a Submissive’s Journal in BDSM Relationships

A well-used submissive’s journal is a sign of a sub who feels comfortable and safe. Be sure to download your free template below. Writing often is not only good for the sub, but will help the Dom better understand the needs of the BDSM relationship.  🖤

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Submissive’s Journal

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