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DDLG: Daddy Dom/little girl & Ageplay Ultimate Guide

One of the most misunderstood types of BDSM relationships is the Daddy Dom/little girl dynamic (or DDlg).  For some, it’s just fun role-playing with clothing and outfits.  For other ageplayers like myself however, it is their identity.  Even though there are many benefits to ageplaying, it can be hard to know what things to say to someone who feels this lifestyle is wrong.  Keep reading to learn all about the rules, definition of “little space”, Daddy dominant traits, and get new ideas, so you can enjoy ageplay responsibly. 

Ageplay DDlg Clothing Definition Outfits Ageplayers Ageplaying Ideas Rules Little space Daddy Dom Things to Say Daddy dominant traits Little girl

The Real Definition of Ageplay

Ageplaying involves treating the sub like they are a certain age, usually younger, anywhere from toddler to teenager.  As a result, the sub treats their Dom like their Daddy.  He takes on the paternal role of protector and caregiver, and administers discipline and training when needed.  The sub becomes his “little” and relies on him emotionally, physically, and even sexually and sometimes financially.

Ageplayers are NOT pedophiles.  The definition of pedophilia is having sexual feelings towards children.  A sub is not a child, but is a consenting adult.  A Daddy Dom wants to be with HIS little girl, not little girls in general.

Why is the DDlg Relationship so Fulfilling for Ageplayers?

It can be hard to explain this lifestyle or know what things to say to someone who doesn’t understand this kink. Basically, age playing and DDlg satisfy both individuals involved on many levels:

The Daddy Dom

Usually men are naturally attracted to youth and innocence, and having a little meets that need continuously. They will also have the satisfaction of having someone rely and dote on them, and counting on them to “fix it” when things get hard.  Littles are constantly seeking the praise and attention of their Daddy and will do their best to please him.  When his baby girl disobeys rules, a Daddy Dom also gets the fulfillment of disciplining her in any way he desires, (and she has consented to).  She will also come to him with her sexual needs, as he knows how best to please her.

The little girl

In a symbiotic way, what makes the Daddy happy fulfills the little’s needs and vice versa.  She will be made to feel eternally youthful and beautiful, and he will spoil her and cherish her.  Subs that choose this relationship are usually emotionally fragile at times, and having a supportive, paternal figure is very soothing.  Likewise, being told they’re a “good girl” makes sub ageplayers feel extremely content.  And obeying rules and knowing they’re making their Daddy happy gives them immense reassurance.

How to Incorporate Ageplaying

Now that you know the real definition for ageplay and what both the Daddy Dom and little girl get out of it, here are some ideas for making it work:

Outfits, Clothing, and Other Ways to Look the Part

The Daddy Dom ultimately chooses the clothing his little girl wears, but short skirts, dresses, and having their hair in braids or pigtails is usual protocol.  School girl outfits are very popular, and Brazilian waxes are a great way to get that look and feel for ageplaying.

(For DDlg clothing, toys, and accessories, check out Kinky Cloth. They’re my favorite.)

Daddy Dominant Traits and Things to Say

Littles should refer to their Dom as Daddy, and always ask them for permission, just like a dependent child would.  Daddys need to call their littles by appropriate names like Baby Girl, and conversations and lectures are more enjoyable when she’s told to sit on his lap.  Littles also usually require a softer approach when being dominated.  Good Daddy Dominant traits are being nurturing, caring but strict, being a good listener, and supportive.  Here are some ideas for things to say:

  • “Be a good girl.”
  • “Behave.”
  • “Do you need a spanking?”
  • “I’m proud of you.”
  • “You’re too little to do that, let me help you.”
  • “Be careful.”
  • “Let me touch/see your princess parts.”
  • “Use your words.”
  • “Let’s have cuddle time.”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll make it all better.”

DDlg Rules, Little Space, and Other Ideas

DDlg revolves around wanting to please and fearing disapproval, so rewards and punishments are vital.  Pats on the head and forehead kisses mean a lot, and spankings are usually a must.  Keeping the attitude of “Daddy knows best” will also deepen intimacy.  Good rules for littles include a set bedtime, no swearing, and keeping their room clean.

The definition of “Little Space” is a state of mind submissive ageplayers enter when they’re deeply feeling little.  Here are some ideas for age appropriate activities to help a sub enter little space more easily:

  • Coloring
  • Reading stories together
  • Having a stuffie
  • Keeping a journal
  • Cuddling
  • Watching cartoons
  • Going on outings together
  • Using stickers

Ageplaying is a great way to mix childlike innocence with naughty sexual curiosity. Don’t listen to people who try to say that ageplay is wrong.  The DDlg lifestyle can become the basis for a healthy BDSM relationship, and bring even more happiness to both the Dom and his sub. 🖤

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Are you a Daddy Dom or little girl? How do you feel about DDlg and ageplay? Chat with me in the comments.

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45 thoughts on “DDLG: Daddy Dom/little girl & Ageplay Ultimate Guide”

  1. I know that I am a little and would really like to find someone to be my daddy Dom. This is what I have been looking for and needing for a long time. Love your blog.

    1. I’m glad you like the blog, Shana!

      Being a little without a Daddy can be challenging, but you’re not alone.
      Keep working on finding that special person, and I can’t wait to hear what happens for you! ????

      1. I know that I’m a little/ submissive because I show certain aspects that littles do, like acting younger than my age, I love being told what to do and the thought of giving up all of your control to someone that you trust is amazing. I hope to find a Daddy Dom some day who will also be my boyfriend. I love BDSM and what’s it’s all about.

  2. Very good read. My submissive is not a little, but as a Dominant, I truly enjoy reading about other aspects of our lifestyle.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. This was a perfect read today. DDlg is something my Master approached me with recently. I really thought it was silly, (honestly), but after reading your blog, I may give it some thought. He is everything you described here. As always, love your blog!

    1. Thanks Heather! Honestly, in the beginning DDlg felt a little silly and weird to me too. But now it feels so natural. Remember too, that you don’t have to incorporate it 100% into your relationship. Just the parts that you feel comfortable with. I think you might find you really like it! Let us know how it goes. ❤️

  4. Great article, and I’ve tried explaining this several times to very close friends that find it creepy. I’m a bratty sub with little traits (especially when feeling extra sensitive). You hit the nail(s) on the head with all the things!

    Thank you!

  5. Your article was such a welcome one to see!
    When Daddy and I first had the conversation about our lifestyle, Daddy explained a “Daddy Dom” was just what He was. For me to voice that I felt “Little” most of the time, and having Him know that, took a weight off me and made me more comfortable with who I am. Even though we don’t live together, we are 24/7 in the relationship and it works great for us!
    Thank you for your lovely explanation of the DDlg lifestyle!

  6. My Daddy and I love our lifestyle. He has always been very protective and caring over me. We started my Little Space soon after I started reading about it. It was an easy transition for us. It has taken our relationship to the next level. When he asks me how his little princess is? My heart just melts and I feel like a very special little girl who has the best daddy ever! Thank you for your blog. You are awesome!

  7. This is a short but beautifully written intro/guidance for those wishing to do the Daddy dom/little girl dynamic. Myself and my current partner split but believe it or not, DDlg has brought us back together as she wanted to explore but didn’t have the courage to tell me. Now we’re sharing that kind of relationship and it’s wonderful. I particularly like it when she rests her head on my chest and suckles either her thumb, or if she’s been very good my thumb, to soothe her.

  8. Loved reading this, my partner and I are currently exploring DDlg an we both love it!
    Do you have any other suggestions for clothing and accessories? I looked at kinky cloth and was disappointed that the sizing only goes up to a US 6!

    1. Hi Starshine! Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time finding DDlg clothing in the right size. I just checked Kinky Cloth and the majority of their products go up to size XL, and even some of their t-shirts go up to 4XL. To see one of my favorite pieces (which comes in XL) click here. Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you so much, that’s honestly what I was looking for – I think I was converting the inches incorrectly. ???? You are extremely helpful!

  9. This really is a fantastic read! DDLG never was weird to me. I’ve been a natural Dom for as long as I remember. Only about a month ago I met my first true little. She is unbelievable. We live a 24/7 DDLG and neither one of us could be happier. I’ve tried to train women who want to be little but they just can’t in my experience because a part of them grew out of that or is ashamed of it I’m not sure. But my little doesn’t want to be called anything but little and treats me like a man more than any other woman ever did and I’m 52 years old. This is the most rewarding lifestyle I could have ever imagined. Finally I found the right person!

  10. I recently was told that I am a little. I didn’t realize what that was until I started researching. I started by calling my Dom Daddy and things just clicked from there. One day he just said, “You do realize that you are a little right?” And I denied it. Then I looked it up and talked to some friends and they agreed. So I am new to this, even though I’ve been in the lifestyle for 12 years.

  11. I’m a young woman that’s recently engaged, and I’m learning a lot about myself in this relationship. I love him, dearly, and get immense joy from pleasing him, and serving him. I’ve just always been that kind of person. He says it’s being “old fashioned” and that we’re very “vanilla” but after reading this, I’m wondering if I’m a little. I call him daddy, (which he loves) wear twin pony tails often (because he asked me to try the hairdo once), always ask his permission for anything, say yes sir (something he also loves), melt every time he pats my head or when he says, “attagirl” (makes my heart flutter and my body shudder) or “good girl”, always keep the house clean, cook for him, and love the “reward” I’ll get if I’ve been good while he’s at work. I’m still learning, but want to thank you for this piece. It’s made me realize we might be into ageplay without either of us realizing it. Honestly now I’m icky wondering how to bring it up to him. I feel he’d be very ashamed for some reason.

      1. Thank you so much for the reply! I tried bringing it up to him earlier today funnily enough, and he was pretty resistant. He said it was, “creepy” and there was “no way we’re into stuff like that”. We’re both just very uninformed, I think, so this will definitely help! I’m excited about all this, and very thankful to you for this blog!

  12. So I have never been in a BDSM relationship but have “ accidentally “ been chosen by a submissive to be hers because I apparently didn’t realize I give off a huge Dom vibe lol. She calls me Daddy and has already given up most control. Now at this time it’s long distance so it’s a little different I know but I very much appreciate this article because she has me wanting to learn for her. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to learn more.

  13. Hi,
    I am in a D/s relationship and pretty sure I’m a little bit I dont enjoy all aspects of DD/lg and my partner feels less sure than me. He will allow me to call Him Daddy Dom but not Daddy. Sometimes we interchange with Daddy Dom and Master. He calls me princess. I dont like dressing up or diapers or pacifiers etc but I would like to do more things like colouring pictures for Him and calling Him Daddy without the Dom. I guess it might be strange at first but gradually He may feel more comfortable. I am struggling with broaching some of these subjects and it’s hard because I know communicating is the key. I also have literally nobody to talk to about the lifestyle and only learn from the internet. We are very private about it so dont want to be part of the scene/ clubs etc. It is a long term committed relationship we have. Thank you so much for your website and articles it is helping me sooooo much.

  14. So I’m biologically 64, but at times, emotionally I feel like a teen. People say I look like I’m in my 40’s. I’ve been chatting with a man in his 20’s who wants to meet me. He said he has Daddy Dom kink. Is this an absurd predicament, or something that has possibility.. I prefer to date younger, but that usually meant men in their 40’s. I’m just a bit bewildered, and we’re likely meeting tomorrow.

  15. Great post! I’m not 100% sure I’m a little. I really enjoy a lot of “little” things, but I’m not sure if I’m just a sub.

  16. No idea until he asked me to call him Daddy. Life changing since then on so many inner levels. Daddy’s never leave and that is intoxicating along with all the love a good daddy provides. I am atleast 20 years older than him…omg…great support friend to begin with.

  17. This was extremely informative. I’m new to the little world and I’m finding my way. I’m afraid to send this information to my significant other. Our relationship is already very…tilted in this direction as he’s a caretaker and I tend to get lost in my work and forget everything else around me. I’m just apprehensive that he’ll reject me? Which sounds illogical to big me because we’ve been monogamous for 17 years since I was 18. Little me is absolutely terrified of abandonment, I think. Is there any way to approach the subject in more subtle and also more personal ways than just sending links? Thank you so much for you help!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Ashley!

      Being nervous to share info about the lifestyle with one’s significant other is actually a pretty common problem that many people have, so you’re not alone. 😉

      I think you’d really benefit from my new workshop.

      It’s helped many people in the exact same situation as yourself. Take care!

  18. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m not very experienced in the lifestyle, but taking care of a little is an extremely attractive idea. Your article is inspiring.

  19. So how could you have both sides of u fulfilled Ig let’s say the daddy dom in the situation was also a little sometimes and wanted both of those sides fulfilled but my partner isn’t into DDLG lifestyle?

  20. Being a DD can be pretty tough, because of the banes that are always attached to it, such has being called a pedo or other such things. Most of the time I have to look in unsavory places to look, where it’s mainly males asking for sex slaves, who themselves don’t even what a DD means. Being a DD who wants a little, to take care of her, making her a better person and using his experience to show her how to be cared for in every aspect of the relationship. The relationship, like any other, should be based on more then just list or sexual play.

  21. Thank you so much for publishing these! When I was in high school I always told my boyfriend that he made me feel small and that I really liked it. He was definitely smaller than me weight-wise but I always felt so small with him. I knew I was a sub then but I had no idea at the time that this was even a thing.

    Flash forward to over 10 years later and I guess I’m a kitten and Daddy really likes it. I told Daddy about little space recently because I think I may have crossed ‘kitten space’ and ‘little space’ and Daddy reminded me of when I used to tell him that about being small.

    Thank you so much for helping me and Daddy explore more! I love the idea of Daddy picking out my outfit too!

  22. I used to have a Dom brat relationship but I realized I’m more a caretaker than a constant corrector. So I would love to take care over a little.
    I love to take care, cuddle but I’m strict too. Daddy needs some attention too of course.
    The article is just right and it’s hard to find a dedicated little.
    Especially in these times. I live in the Netherlands so I’m glad the taboos are not so big here.
    Nice site and hope to read interesting stories.

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