Meet my Dom! Advice and Tips for Dominants (Ep. 7)

Meet my Dom! Advice and Tips for Dominants


I am excited to introduce my partner to you: Jay! Jay has been an integral part of my journey as a submissive, and today we will dive deep into our Dom/sub dynamic, and explore the challenges, triumphs, and growth we have experienced together as a Dominant and submissive.


  • Jay shares his strategies for maintaining a sense of creativity in his Dominant role.
  • Dive into the benefits of punishments in our dynamic.
  • Jay’s favorite behavior modification technique for bratty behavior.
  • Exploring Dom Drop and Jay’s personal experience and coping mechanisms.
  • Highlighting the significance of trust and communication in our BDSM scenes.
jay meet my dom

Building Trust and Exploring Boundaries

Jay shared his approach to our dynamic and revealed his method of keeping a running list of scenes to avoid repetition and maintain originality. That level of thoughtfulness astounds me and reinforces the sense of trust we have built over time.

One aspect that truly resonates with Jay is providing punishments to help release frustration and facilitate positive behavior modifications. Addressing my bratty behavior through hard spankings has been an effective tool for both of us. It not only modifies my behavior but also strengthens the bond between us.

Navigating Challenging Situations as a Dominant

Jay opened up about an incident that taught him the importance of trust and communication. He learned to trust me to help him during intense BDSM scenes, and we discussed the experience afterward to ensure we were both okay. This incident even led us to explore consensual nonconsent, emphasizing the significance of pushing boundaries in a safe and consensual manner.

During difficult scenes, when I don’t want to be touched, Jay has learned to stay with me and give me the space I need. This level of respect and understanding speaks volumes about his commitment to our dynamic and my overall well-being. It’s incredible how his presence alone can provide me with comfort, even if I don’t want to be directly comforted by him.

How to be a good Dom quick-start guide

Mastering the Dominant Mindset

Jay also shared his journey in mastering the Dominant mindset, offering valuable tips. He discussed the importance of consistency, practice, and meditation to stay present and calm during scenes. As a submissive, I have found that meditation also helps me stay in the moment and not overthink.

Furthermore, Jay advises focusing on one skill at a time to improve as a Dominant. He personally worked on consistent discipline, which has certainly had a positive impact on our dynamic. I can vouch that consistency is highly desired by many submissives, as it fosters a sense of safety and security within the dynamic.

Coping with Dom Drop

Jay opened up about his experience with Dom drop, paralleling the sub drop that submissives can experience. He shared how he identifies and manages his Dom drop through journaling, reassurance, and open communication. These coping mechanisms have profoundly influenced our dynamic, ensuring we both feel supported and understood.

Embracing the Dominant Lifestyle

We discussed the importance of communication and discussing desires and goals as a couple when embracing the Dom lifestyle. It is crucial to navigate any potential sub frenzy, where a one’s desire to be submissive may overwhelm her partner. Open dialogue and understanding can help create a strong foundation for exploration and growth within the Dom/sub dynamic.

Expressing Our Gratitude for Being a Part of the BDSM Community

As this episode comes to an end, Jay and I express our gratitude for being a part of the Dom Sub Living community. We encourage you to embrace your power and pleasure through open communication, trust, and a constant desire to grow together.

To further support you on your journey, we recommend checking out the free quick start guide on how to be a good Dom that you can access here.

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How to be a good Dom quick-start guide

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